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What is the difference between and offer and a special?

An offer is a coupon for a product or service and a special is the special of the day. For example a restaurant could offer a fish fry and Friday night.

Can I get more links on my profile?

Currently we only offer 10 links for business profiles.

Can I use emojis in offers?

YES! We love emojis and we know you do too!

How do I create a bar code or QRC code?

You can create these codes in your Point of Sale system. Then enter the code number into your offer.

What will the price of a SaveUpon business account be after BETA?

The price after BETA will be $89.95 / month for your first location. Additional locations are $49.95 / month.

How do I earn a free month on SaveUpon?

Refer another business to SaveUpon and once they sign up and pay both businesses will receive a free month up to $89.95.

What should my business offer?

We recommend not overly discounting your products or services. But offer something that would get your existing customers to return and tell others about your business.

How do I tell my customers about SaveUpon?

We recommend boosted social media posts about your new profile on SaveUpon. Once you sign up your business you will receive a free door sticker. We also have a lot of great promotional material in the SaveUpon marketing section of the website. Still having trouble? We have partnered with Little Dog Social Media and for an additional fee they will help market your business across all social media platforms. Check them out in the partner section of the website.

When should I make an offer available?

Ideally you want your clients to see an offer a few days before it is active. But if you are having a slow day you can also push out a flash offer in real time. You control all the deals and the duration of all offers.

How do I cancel my account?

Go to the Account section of the SaveUpon website and select Deactivate Account. This will close all your business accounts.

How can I deactivating one of my business locations?

Go to the Businesses section of the website, select that location and select the delete option.

What if someone sets up a fake business account for my business?

Report this business under the ellipsis icon on SaveUpon.

Do I have a limited amount of offers on SaveUpon?

This is your business app. You can create as many offers as you want under your profile. However we recommend spacing them out so your costumers do not get too many push notifications at once. This may cause them to unsubscribe to your notifications which will make it harder for you to reach your customers directly.

Will SaveUpon put ads on my profile?

SaveUpon is ad free and will not advertise on your profile. So your clients will never see competitor's ads on your profile page.