About SaveUpon

SaveUpon was founded in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in 2017. SaveUpon was created to give consumers direct access to the businesses they enjoy without having to download many different apps. The businesses can update their customers with offers and events in real time. Consumers can search for new offers from all types of businesses.

Mike's Story

In late 2016, Mike Rodes was trying to figure options to get more referrals for his local insurance business. He wanted an easy-to-use phone app but realized not many people were going to download an app solely for his insurance business. He had deals to share but there probably wasn't enough a value for clients to keep his local insurance app on their phones.

He started searching for referral tools but found that most companies did this solely through email campaigns. Knowing all distractions his client's would face with mass emails, he wanted a solution that would break through the noise.

With no answers in sight, Mike decided to create a platform that would allow him and other local businesses to engage with their clients instantly. Thus SaveUpon was born!

SaveUpon is an easy to use app that allows businesses to interact with their clients directly, share deals and keep everyone up to date on their company. Their customers can search and save local businesses, subscribe to get deals, sign up for notifications, and see what is trending in their area and share offers with friends.

SaveUpon has just launched their first beta in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Be in the know - Come check us out!